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Prefab Sauna - Hot Rock Saunas - Not in Production

Our prefab sauna kits have all the woodworking done already all that is needed is just the assembly at the sauna location. No messy construction to bother you. You can assemble your new prefab sauna the same day it arrives - and enjoy your new pre-built authentic Finnish hot rock sauna the same night! Production is on HOLD during the Pandemic


PREFAB SAUNA KIT - For Indoor Home Saunas

4'x5' Prefab Sauna
with Full Window Door
Pay No Taxes in USA


PRE BUILT SAUNA KITS - for Home Saunas, Indoor Saunas

7'x7' Prefab Sauna
for 5-6 People
with 2-tier L-shape Benches
on Bench Frame Supports

Production is on HOLD during Pandemic
We are too busy making DIY Sauna Kits Instead!

Features - Prefab Hot Rock Finnish Log Saunas ...

  • This is a popular prefab sauna - Finnish log-style hot rock sauna
  • Entirely free-standing, available in 10 sizes
  • Finished in clear grade cedar - inside and outside
  • Walls are solid 2"x6" T&G Western Red Cedar
  • Solid cedar log design eliminates framing
  • Log sauna dismantles easily for moving
  • This is a true Finnish sauna, designed and patented by our Sauna-Guru
  • No plumbing, floor drain or venting is needed
  • Production is on HOLD during the Pandemic

Included - in a Finnish Traditional Sauna ...

  • Prefab walls are solid 2"x6" tongued and grooved (T&G) Western Red Cedar logs (like Lincoln Logs)
  • Two heavy-duty two-tier prefab benches normally along the longest wall
  • Pre-hung door: you can select hinges on left side or right side
  • Pre-fab heater guard and duckboard slat flooring
  • 240 volt sauna heater is included
  • Light fixture for the inside
  • Air vents to ensure proper air circulation
  • Authentic Finnish craftsmanship & quality in a Finnish sauna design

Best Features of a Finnish Log Sauna ...

  • The solid cedar 2x6 logs can easily be carried into any area, any basement as there are no bulky wall panels.
  • The prefab log sauna assembles in 3-5 hours with no carpentry required.
  • 2 persons are required for assembly

Assembly Sequence of the Pre-built Log Sauna ...

    Attach the Compression Rod
    to the First Row of Cedar Logs

    Continue the Assembly Adding
    Several Rows of Logs to each Wall,
    Locked on to the Compression Rod
    Slide the Door and Door Frame
    into its Place

    PREFAB HOME SAUNA - Assembles in 3 Hours HOME SAUNAS - are Prefabricated HOME SAUNAS - Are Finished Inside & Outside
    Add the Last Row of Logs
    Slide the Ceiling into Place
    In 3-4 Hours ... Your Prefab Sauna is Ready!

    "Prefab Finnish" Sauna Kit
    ---- Price List ...

    Our Pre-built Sauna Kit Series
    Ready Made - Just Assemble!



    Regular $
    & Factory
    Discount $

    USD $


    4 Kw

    $8,492 - $1100



    4 Kw

    $8,792 - $1100



    5 Kw

    $9,292 - $1100



    6 Kw

    $9,692 - $1100


    Call for Quote


    5 Kw

    $9,292 - $1100



    6 Kw

    $9,692 - $1100



    6 Kw



    Call for Quote


    6 Kw




    6 Kw




    6 Kw



    Call for Quote


    6 Kw



    Kits Include Heater, Door

    Factory Discount - $1100 to $1300 Above
    Bonus: ORDER NOW - $100 OFF
    TOTAL MAX DISCOUNT - $1400 ***

    --- Discount Valid - for Limited Time!

    Save $1200-$1400 - Factory Prices!
    Read More >> Deals on Other Kits

    USA - No Taxes
    Canada - Add Taxes
    Add Packaging for Shipping +$185
    Add Shipping (ex. +$450 to $785 to CA)

    Door is Located on Longest Wall
    Sizes are Exterior Dimensions
    Delivery is Curbside

    "Prefab Finnish" Sauna Kit
    -- Optional Upgrades ...

    TO ORDER - CALL - 1-800-519-5753
    Have Questions? ... Call us Now ... 1-800-519-5753
    Confirm Pricing? - Call or Email Us Now
    Confirm Shipping? - Call or Email Us Now

    Need a Lower Price?
    ... See Other Sauna Kits

    Upgrades to "Prefab Finnish" Saunas:
    - these are very popular options:

    1. Upgrade: to 100% Stainless SE Heater
    $ n/c
    2. Upgrade: #1 DEC Electronic Control
    3. Included: #3 BIC Built-in Control

    $ n/c

    4. Door: # 1 Window Door is included
    5. Accessories: Bucket, Ladle, Thermo
    6. Add 1 Extra L-Bench: 5' Wall
    7. Add 2 Extra L-Benches: 6' Wall
    8. Add Window to Side Wall
    9. Upgrade: Other Heaters, Optional

    All Sauna Sizes have 2 Benches. Our popular layouts include 2 benches along the longest wall. L-benches are optional.

    The Alternative to a Prefab:

    Build your own sauna from scratch -
    See below - order one of our
    do-it-yourself (DIY) sauna kits:

    "The Best" Series of DIY Sauna Kits ...
    Get more choice of kit sizes, fully loaded with all the options and then some ... our best quality, best value and the most popular.

    Our "Deluxe-Plus" DIY Sauna Kits ...
    This is our mid-price DIY sauna kit series


    Prefab Sauna Pricing in US and Canada ...

    • Shipping Charges: Are extra. Our shipping charges are very reasonable because of our large volume. For a shipping quote, email us with your sauna kit size and your zip code or postal code - email us now
    • Prefab Sauna Kit Prices Include: All the sauna parts as described above including the sauna heater. Crating & packaging are added as applicable.
    • USA Tax: No taxes are charged. Prices are payable in USD Dollars, shipped to US destinations.
    • Canada Taxes: GST or HST is charged on all shipments, according to the tax laws at destination. Prices are payable in CAD dollars when shipped to a Canadian destination. GST applies to BC, AB, SK, MB, QC.
      • Canadian Sauna Customers in NS, NB, NL: HST is charged.
      • Canadian Sauna Customers in Ontario and BC: HST is charged.

    Popular Options for Prefab Sauna - Finnish Log Saunas ...

    • We Use Quality Clear Grade Western Red Cedar: The use of Western Red Cedar provides strength and thermal value to the walls.
    • Upgrade to All-stainless Steel Sauna Heater, $89: Most customers prefer the all-stainless steel sauna heater "Special Edition".
    • Digital Electronic Control on Front Wall, $129: The built-in controls on the sauna heater can be moved to the outside of the front wall for easier access and changed to digital.
    • Extra Benches Are Optional: Example: Add 2 more L-benches to sauna sizes 6'x7', 6'x8' or 1 extra L-bench to sauna sizes 5'x6', 5'x7' and 5'x8'. Prices are shown above.
    • Outdoor Roof is Available: See the Outdoor Sauna - Prefab Series - for complete specs and description.
    • Wide Benches: Prefab sauna sizes 5'x5', 5'x6', 5'x7' and larger have full-width sauna benches: top bench is 20" wide; bottom bench is 16" wide.
    • Standard Benches: Log sauna sizes 4'x5', 4'x6', 4'x7' etc. have narrower bench widths: top bench is 16" wide, bottom bench is 12" wide. See Layouts and Sauna Floor Plans.

    A pre-fab log sauna is finished - photo provided by satisfied customer

    Assembly Information for Prefab Sauna - Finnish Log Saunas ...

    • Sauna Size Specs: Dimensions shown are approximate outside sizes. Finished ceiling height is 80". Clearance of 2.5" is required above 80" for normal installation. Our factory can make adjustments for reduced clearance if specified. The 80" height can be adjusted only in our sauna factory-outlet
    • Assembly Time: 3.5 hours, 2 persons. Assembly is much easier with 2 persons.
    • Skill Level: Low. Construction skills are not needed.
    • Advantages: NO MESSY CONSTRUCTION. Use it the same day.
    • Mobility: Easy to dismantle, move and install again.
    • Tools Needed: Hammer, square, screwdriver, measuring tape.

    Rough-in Requirements for Prefab Sauna - Finnish Log Saunas ...

    • A concrete floor or a vinyl floor covering is ideal for the base.
    • A certified electrician must do the sauna wiring hook-up.

    Advantages of a Prefab Sauna - Finnish Log Sauna ...

    • Use it the same day
    • No cutting required
    • No walls to frame
    • No construction mess
    • Entirely free-standing
    • Easily dismantled
    • Easily moved
    • Quality is professional
    • Designed by a Finn

    Why Buy Prefab Sauna Kits From Home Saunas Since 1974?

    1. Our years in sauna building since 1974 means our trained factory experts can give you lots of support & advice as needed. We've been there - done that - and are happy to share our knowledge of prefab saunas and our sauna building experience with you!
    We're here to make this easy for you!
    2. You can buy your Finnish Sauna Kits HERE at the sauna factory at low discount prices.

    3. Our quality is second to none, and you will see the benefit of the innovation that many years in the sauna business brings to you when you buy a Finnish sauna kit at
    Home Saunas Since 1974.

    Definition of Prefab Sauna Kits: They are also called sauna packages, D-I-Y sauna kits, home sauna kits as well as sauna kits. All of the Finnish sauna kits from Home Saunas Since 1974 can be used for dry saunas, wet saunas, home saunas, hot saunas, outdoor saunas and Russian banya saunas. Coming from Home Saunas Since 1974 factory sauna store, no matter what these saunas are called, they are great prefab sauna kits at factory prices.

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