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Gas & Propane Sauna Heaters

Gas & Propane Sauna Heaters are not CSA Approved in Canada

There is only 1 company that makes gas & propane sauna heaters in North America. Their gas/propane heaters are not CSA approved for legal sale in Canada.
The price in the US is $2400 USD - add shipping duties and taxes - a total of $3700 CAD in Canada.

Gas is very inexpensive to operate. The cost of a typical sauna session with gas or propane is about 30 cents to 40 cents for an entire sauna session of 1.5 hours.
As a comparison, the electrical cost to heat the sauna with an electrical heater is
is $.65 to $.80
The average home sauna used 2 or 3 times per week will cost about 65 cents to 80 cents per session to operate!
So the good news is that the cost of gas to heat a sauna is 50% LESS!!

For installation, you need to adhere to the building code for gas heaters. That requires large open vents in the wall to guard against an explosion.
You will need to connect to a chimney or vent in order to expel the burned gasses.
The typical installation cost of a gas sauna heater is $700.

CAUTION: If the gas sauna heater does not have CSA approval in Canada, the building inspector will not approve the installation.

As a comparison to electric costs:
Heating your sauna every week electrically will cost you 65 to 80 cents per session or $.65 to $2.40 per week!
  • It costs less to heat your sauna electrically than it does to operate your clothes dryer per month.
  • All homes in North America (U.S. and Canada) have a 240 volt electrical service - same as your stove!
  • Most sauna heaters are 240 volt for more efficient operating and easier wiring.
  • 110 Volt Sauna Heaters are available in 2 Kw for small sauna rooms

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Gas and Propane Sauna Heater
40,000 BTU for Saunas
Available in USA Only

Gas Sauna Heater Packages ...

  • Ideal for sauna rooms 6'x8' and larger
  • Available & approved in the USA
  • Not approved for use in Canada
  • 40,000 BTU Stove - $2400 USD or $3700 CAD
  • 80,000 BTU Stove - $4100 USD or $6400 CAD

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