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Sauna Reviews - Customers Share their Sauna Experience

Aug 2, 2021
Thanks for the Quick and Competent Answers !


Sounds good. It looks like I will be getting my shop built in August and the first thing I will be putting in there is the sauna. I will be contacting you to order when I am close to ready. Thank you for the quick and competent answers.

You have instilled a lot of confidence in me about the integrity of your company.

Andrew Friesen, Manitoba

Jun 2, 2021
I Want to Order Another Sauna from you Today!


I have ordered from you guys three different times and we are building another house. We have an 8'x8' space. Can you give me a quote and lead time for the next sauna? Thanks - David Brandt. I love your quality and your diligent planning for my project. Your high level of support really beats your competitors!
From a customer who appreciates quality.

David Brandt, Whitefish, MT


Dec 29, 2020
Excellent Product and Support - A Returning Customer for Sauna #2

To Everyone at Home Saunas Since 1974,

I built a sauna in a half bath that I stripped for the purpose about 17 or 18 years ago. Have since moved and miss my sauna, dearly. This time I plan to frame up a sauna building outside of my house. Looking at 6x6 or 6x7 on concrete slab. Your product and support were excellent and will purchase from you as soon as I have finalized my planning and location set up. I' ready to break ground and get ready to pour a slab. I will probably order a kit soon after. I still have your book you sent me with the first kit so many years ago. Just finished rereading it which is motivating me to get started with this project. Thank you. James.

James Simpson, Santee, SC

Nov 3, 2020
Excellent Service !


Paul and the gang were so helpful in designing our sauna and coming thru on time. They answered every question we had. We LOVE the new addition to our lake house. I attaching a few pics of the new sauna - we love the quality.
From a customer who appreciates great service.

Susan Levesque, Montebello, QC

Oct 8, 2020
I Ordered My Third Sauna from you Today!


I ordered my first sauna from you in 1998 and my second in 2007. I am back again in 2020 - I just ordered my third sauna kit - of "The Best" Sauna Kit Series. I love your quality and your diligent planning for my project. Your high level of support really beats your competitors! And thanks for the repeat customer discount.
From a customer who appreciates quality.

Gordon Stepchuk, Canton, MI

Oct 22, 2019
Sauna is Fantastic!


Just wanted to let you know that our 7'x9' sauna is finally up and running and it is fantastic! Please pass this on to your associates who made this happen.
I would definitely use your company again. I have referred a couple people to you who are interested in installing a sauna. Many thanks,

Lane Meyer-Reed, Indiana

Aug 29, 2019
Thanks for the Great Service!

Dear Marg and Bert,

P lease know that the crate of sauna materials was delivered Friday July 29, 2019.

I want to thank you both and your staff for the level of professionalism and perfect coordination you have demonstrated through out this transaction. You truly made it a pleasure dealing with you and your company. In our ever increasingly demanding society, it seems as though people expect more and more, but seldom take the time to express their gratitude. So, I want to say a well deserved thank you.

Dominique Luzinski, Aurora, CO

May 9, 2019
A Fantastic Addition to Our Home!
It has been worth the investment - for the interior the correct amount of cedar was provided as well as all parts and accessories necessary to complete a functional unit. I did this by myself and it took about 3 weeks. I did have some concrete work done so a river stone floor could be installed and the 240V wiring done by an electrician. The sauna was custom fit into an area a whirlpool tub had been. The material was high quality and I got excellent customer service.

Ross LeClair, Corrales, New Mexico

Jan 8, 2019
A Great Product!
I purchased my sauna kit from you about 18 years ago - everything works just fine.
Probably the best purchase I made for my house and my family! Just wanted you to know that.

Richard Kosler, Gaylordsville, CT

Nov 18, 2018
A Happy Customer!

Finally done and have used the sauna twice! Very happy with the finished product and I appreciate the assistance.
I will be placing several product reviews about you in appreciation of a great product.

Thank you again!

Ross LeClaire, Corrales, NM

Oct 17, 2018

Marg - Greetings,

Thanks for a Great Product!

We are getting great use out of "The Best" sauna. It is installed in a corner of our walk-out basement. The electrical inspector was most impressed. Our installer did an excellent installation. His mitre saw, laser level and brad nailer came in very handy. The Electronic Control Panel is an excellent control.

Thanks for a great product, feel free to use this as a Google review.

Thank you Home Saunas 1974!

Murray Legge, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Sept 4, 2018

Hi Amy,

Compliments on a Well-planned Kit with Highest Quality Components!

I just completed our sauna project. We are very pleased with the kit and finished project.

We would like to compliment your staff on a kit well-planned with highest quality components. As an owner of a furniture manufacturing company, I am unusually particular on these qualities.

You have a great product and service.

Thank you Amy!

Tom Kincheloe, Montana

Aug 23, 2018

Hi Marg,

A Happy Customer!

Today I picked up "The Best" sauna package from the factory in Waterloo.

Marg was excellent when we completed our order by phone. Paul was quick to help me load the van.

The sauna manual is very complete. We will install in the next few days. We are happy customers.

Thank you Marg!

Murray Legge, Ontario

Aug 4, 2018

Hello Jack,

Great customer service Jack!

I spoke to Jack on Saturday as I needed to replace my sauna heater with a new heater.

Jack was great to talk to - he was incredibly helpful - he really knew his stuff in sorting out the electrics on a heater replacement - the heater had been removed.

I placed my order. Big thanks to Jack for being so great on the phone!

Thank you Jack!

Morgan McLellan, Regina, Saskatchewan.


April 19, 2018

Hello Home Saunas 1974,

Thanks for a great experience in helping us build our sauna.

I want to thank Home Saunas Since 1974 for the great experience you provided.

As a Do-It-Yourself-er I was concerned about the process of designing and building a unique home feature like this on my own. When I found your company's website I thought it maybe too good to be true. All the information, design choices, heater options and pricing far exceeded anything else I found. I especially appreciate the follow-up phone calls you provided at each step in the process. Then the kit shipped earlier than predicted and I was even more impressed. There was some damage by the LTL delivery service, which you handled promptly and professionally. I had the replacement parts within 10 days, well before I needed them.

The most impressive part of the experience was the ease of assembly. The Bill of Material was well defined and precise. The installation instructions were concise and easy to follow. The "Art of Sauna Building" booklet helped by explaining each feature. When all was said and done, I had exactly the same number of boards left over that you sent as "extras". Talk about being "dialed in" to a product!!

I definitely will recommend Home Saunas Since 1974 to my friends. The finished product is wonderful. The variation in the colors of the cedar planks make it a proud addition to our home. We enjoy using it daily, especially during this stretch of Wisconsin's Winter in April.

Thanks again for the excellent product and service.

Don & Cherie Penza, Poynette WI

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