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About Us - Home Saunas Since 1974

SAUNA-GURU, with the Best-seller Sauna Book, The Art of Sauna Building
Sauna industry pioneer, Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa, shares a feature article
in the local newspaper after he started shipping saunas to Europe.
From humble beginnings in 1974, his products are now in 28 countries in the world.

Here's What Home Saunas can do for You ...

Since 1974, over 65,000 saunas have been installed by our customers in the US and Canada. We specialize in traditional hot rock saunas our factory is well-known for making customized sauna kits for our customers.

We are one of the oldest sauna companies serving the USA and Canada. For sauna builders who need a complete material package, we are the only sauna kit manufacturer that gives you a choice of three prices for every DIY sauna size - see our "Standard", "Deluxe-PLUS" and "The Best" DIY sauna kit series

Our US customers benefit from our major price advantage! Because we ship from our factory in Canada, the US dollar gives our US customers the purchasing power of $1.30 ... and there is no tax.

Customers report that our factory prices saved them $600 to $1,200 over competitor priced sauna kits. Low prices, top quality and expert service have been three of our trademarks since 1974!

We have over 74 sauna stoves in electric and wood burning.

Our main factory is located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Many of our customers who are building their own saunas ask for a copy of our famous sauna building book, "The Art of Sauna Building", to ensure that a great sauna will be built correctly. Sauna builders enjoy using our best-seller book and the 164 drawings for guidance. Some say "it's the best book on sauna building". It is often referred to as "The Bible in the Sauna Business".

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Credentials are Important - How a Sauna Pioneer Became the Sauna-Guru ...

Our company founder, born in Finland and raised in Canada, is considered a sauna industry pioneer by his peers in Canada and the U.S.A. His companies, including Home Saunas Since 1974 , have been manufacturing and selling high-quality saunas to sauna enthusiasts around the world. At last count, over 65,000 saunas have been built - most of them used our book, The Art of Sauna Building. Our products can be found in 28 countries in the world, even in Finland. This is why we show the flags on the top of our web pages. It's how we are connected to the rest of the world by a common recognition of the benefits that regular saunas bring us.

Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa is the author of the best-seller book, "The Art of Sauna Building", now the most-acclaimed sauna guide with sales of over 40,000 copies. It is considered the bible for sauna building customers. Pertti is passionate about the health benefits of the Finnish sauna and its importance as we need to counter the toxic substances we constantly ingest.

As the "Sauna-Guru", Pertti (Bert) is on a personal quest to counteract the bad data on the internet by using his vast sauna knowledge to tell the truth about saunas in general and especially the Finnish sauna. He has been a prolific writer of sauna articles and sauna stories. Bert expects to write hundreds more for the internet in the next few years. Although he is an avid tennis player and active musician, he still spends considerable time working with his associates on the Sauna-Guru team.

Just a thought - Pertti's book makes a great gift for someone who needs to move on with their sauna project.
The book, "The Art of Sauna Building" is available on this site. The book is now FREE in order to motivate more people to invest in their health and install their own hot rock sauna.

Our History of Growth and Success - since 1974 ...

Pertti started his sauna business in 1974 as Savu Sauna Products Ltd. Four years later, he added a division for the sale of quality cedar lumber and various grades of tongue-and-groove cedar for reno projects. His division, called "House of Cedar", grew into a huge success in southern Ontario, Canada as House of Cedar was the largest supplier of cedar lumber and cedar products in 5 grades of quality.

Two years later in 1980, a Spa and Hot Tub Division was added as many of our sauna customers were adding spas and hot tubs to their homes. By 1986, the company had moved into a spacious 40,000 square foot facility in Waterloo, Ontario. Now there was adequate space for woodworking shops and warehousing as well as a 6,000 square foot retail store. A fully operational self-contained area was available for customers to "test drive" a hot tub and sauna with their entire family in a private facility.

By 1995, Pertti had designed many models of hot tub gazebos (made of cedar) that required a separate manufacturing space. A pilot plant was setup in Kitchener, Ontario to test out the manufacturing process. The following year, the pilot plant was moved to an 80,000 square foot facility in Perth, Ontario. Called "Cedar 1 Inc", the new company grew as a parts maker for House of Cedar, a parts maker for Savu Sauna Products and as a gazebo maker with over 48 employees.

In 2002, Pertti started shipping containers of infrared saunas to Europe as the European market wanted saunas made from quality Canadian cedar. The traditional sauna kits that he had designed were selling very well courtesy of the internet.

By 2004, Pertti was spending too much of his time on everything but saunas. He wanted to focus solely on the love of his life - the saunas. He couldn't stay away from his passion, so he re-focused on the marketing of saunas through his company, Home Saunas Since 1974.

With 65,000 customers in the company's history, Pertti remains passionate about saunas and shares that with his customers. So today, your decision is whether you buy a sauna from Pertti and his associates or some unknown company lacking serious sauna credentials.

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