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174 Michigan Saunas - Get up to $1500 Off at Factory

Michigan MI sauna customers benefit from our selection of 174 sauna kits and do it yourself saunas that are shipped from our sauna factory-store. We are the only sauna factory serving Michigan that offers home sauna kits in 174 sizes with 2 benches, 3 benches or 4 benches in "The Best" sauna kits.

Home Saunas Since 1974 gives you the best choice of sauna products in Michigan - at affordable prices to suit any budget. This is the most complete selection of sauna kits, sauna heaters and home saunas found on the internet. Our low factory prices often make a difference.

Our Michigan Saunas are found in: Upper Peninsula UP, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Bay City Mi, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Saginaw, Kalamazoo, Flint, Battle Creek, u p sauna, MI

Up to $1500 OFF - Limited Time Prices - Order Today!

1. Sauna Kits in Michigan - For Building DIY Saunas ...

Our DIY sauna kits contain all the sauna parts for you to build your own sauna anywhere in Michigan. You can save up to $3,200 when you do it yourself. Every sauna kit includes excellent instructions on how to build a sauna. Building a great home sauna is easy ... with our Sauna-Guru's designs and our all-cedar sauna kits. Tags - Michigan sauna

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SAUNA KITS Sauna Kit 4x6 Sauna Kit 6x8

174 Sauna Choices
"The Best" Series DIY
Cedar Sauna Kit

Factory Makes 174 Sizes

4x6 is Popular
"The Best" Series DIY
Cedar Sauna Kit

For 2-3 Persons

Up to $1500 OFF
"The Best" Series DIY
 6x8 Sauna Kit

Best Features
Sauna Building Book
is FREE in Every Kit

Best-seller Guidance
40,000 Copies Sold

Complete Plans to Build
Your Home Sauna Right


2. Home Saunas in Michigan - Prebuilt Sauna Kits

Since our beginning in 1974 as a sauna manufacturer, the Sauna-Guru's DIY cedar sauna kits have become well-known in Michigan. Our Finnish-style prefab saunas, sauna rooms and outdoor saunas make this prebuilt sauna selection the best on the internet. Tags - MI prefab saunas

Our Low Michigan Factory Prices mean Big Savings!

"Finnish" Series
Pre-built Sauna Kits

Ready to Assemble #m2a
No Carpenter Required

Get Expert Guidance

From Bert, the Sauna-Guru
and the Sauna-Guru Team

3. Outdoor Saunas - Prefab or Custom Made for Outdoor Michigan ...

Many people have space in their backyards for a sauna. Or a sauna in the Upper Peninsula? We have them all here.

Prebuilt Outdoor Saunas SAUNA KITS
"Barrel" Series
Outdoor Sauna #m3a

Cozy Environment

"Log Style" Outdoor
Prefab Sauna #m3b

Traditional Roof Line

"Outdoor" Series DIY
Custom Sauna Kits #m3c

We Make Custom Kits for
Outdoor Saunas

Sauna Building Book
Makes Sauna Building easy

40,000 Copies Sold
Best-seller Guidance for You

Build Your Own Sauna

4. Michigan Sauna Heaters & Electric Sauna Stoves ...

Our sauna heaters are shipped from our main sauna factory. Our sauna heaters are used for dry saunas, wet saunas and Finnish saunas. And a BONUS: we include our acclaimed best-seller sauna book, "The Art of Sauna Building", FREE, to make sure your sauna building project is successful. Sauna heaters and stoves are available separately. Brands include Saunacore and Homecraft, the top two sauna heater brands made in North America

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See All 74 Models
Electric Sauna Heaters:

2 Kw to 21 Kw #m4a
For Dry & Wet Saunas

Deluxe Stainless
Sauna Heaters

For Dry-Wet #m4b
Lifetime Warranty

Electric Sauna Heaters

Deep Rock
+ Steam Feature

Wood Burning
Sauna Stoves

Traditional Finnish Wood-fired
Sauna Stoves #m4d
Have Soft Heat.

5. Home Sauna Plans - How To Build a Sauna in Michigan ...

Using our Sauna-Guru's home sauna plans & sauna designs will mean your home sauna building project will be a great success. Remember, Michigan saunas starts right here with an authentic Finnish sauna design. Our Sauna-Guru and master sauna designer, Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa, comes from Finland. He is an acclaimed author of many sauna articles found on the internet as well as the acclaimed sauna building book, The Art of Sauna Building. Tags - MI sauna plans

Order the Sauna Book - It's FREE + Get a $150 Coupon!

SAUNA PLANS & SAUNA DESIGNS Sauna Layouts & Floor Plans How To Build A Sauna Info
Home Sauna Plans &
Sauna Designs #m5a

Our sauna plans and
sauna designs will guide you
through your entire
sauna installation.

Sauna Layouts,
& Floor Plans #m5b

Over 74 sauna layouts &
floor plans are available,
with detailed sauna plans
for dry & wet saunas.
How to Build a Home Sauna
We make it easy to build
your own sauna in Michigan. #m5c
We provide full support
for your do-it-yourself
sauna project.
Sauna Building Book

Since 1974, over 65,000 saunas have been installed by our customers in the US and Canada. Many were shipped to Michigan from our factory!
And we're here to make your project easy too!

Warmest Regards,

Michigan Customer Service Team,
Home Saunas Since 1974.
"The Sauna Factory With Everything in Sauna Kits Serving Michigan"

Sauna Store for U.S.A.: We ship to every city and state in the U.S.A.
Sauna Store for Michigan:

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Our Michigan Saunas are in: Upper Peninsula UP, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Bay City MI, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Saginaw, Kalamazoo, Flint, Battle Creek, u p sauna, MI

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