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"Deluxe-PLUS" Series - DIY Sauna Kits - Page 2

It's easy to build your own sauna when you use our "Deluxe-PLUS" DIY sauna kit that includes the right materials, the right lengths of cedar and great instructions. On this page, you will see why our sauna customers like our "Deluxe-PLUS" Sauna Kit.

A "Deluxe-PLUS" Sauna Kit Includes 38 Sauna Parts


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Why Cedar is the Best Sauna Wood ...

Fortunately for us in North America, we still have access to large forests of Western Red Cedar in Oregon and British Columbia. There are over 2,000,000 cedar saunas in use in Canada and the U.S. now. The full length article is in our library:
>>... Learn More - Why Cedar is Ideal for Sauna Building

Here's the top 6 facts defining our Western Red Cedar as the perfect wood for building a sauna:

1. Red Cedar is one of the Most Stable Softwoods Known - ideal for use to build a sauna.
(a) cedar does not become hot to the touch
because of millions of tiny air cells in the wood.
(b) cedar does not expand
to any degree when the sauna is hot.
(c) cedar does not absorb moisture even though water is often used inside a sauna.
(d) cedar has an enjoyable scent that adds to the sauna experience

2. Red Cedar resists mold and fungus growths - Learn More How
3. Red Cedar must be kiln-dried to a low 9 to 10% moisture content - or the boards will shrink over time
4. Our Red Cedar is not available in Europe
5. Cedar is the most popular wood used to make quality infrared saunas

6. Redwood is not Red Cedar

Over 12 Types of Wood are Reviewed in our book, "The Art of Sauna Building" - our sauna building book reviews the wood choices used world-wide.
>>... Learn More - The Best Sauna Building Book

Why it Makes Sense to Buy a Sauna Kit ...

The purpose of a DIY sauna kit is to provide all the specialty parts needed for a sauna builder to construct their own sauna at minimal cost. Consider these points:

1. Eliminate Mistakes - sauna factory-outlets are best equipped to supply the 35 to 44 different parts needed to build a sauna along with detailed instructions that match the material. Costly mistakes and frustration are eliminated.

2. Prices are Low for a Sauna Kit - prices for a quality sauna kit remain at affordable levels. It is not an expensive decision to buy a professionally-designed sauna kit from an experienced sauna factory like Home Saunas Since 1974.

3. Instructions are Important - our instructions have seen constant improvement since 1974 when we started in the sauna business. Today, every customer get our best-seller book, The Art of Sauna Building.

4. Size is Important (the thickness that is) - there are many suppliers of sauna kits that still use cedar that is too thin. W hen you considering the heating and cooling cycles that the sauna room goes through -
it is very stressful on the wood. Thicker wood is more stable. It will eliminate warping and shrinkage. Your sauna will outlast our lives - so why not have it look great year after year? When the cedar lining is merely 1/2", or 7/16" thick - it makes for a mediocre sauna room. We provide T&G cedar in thicknesses like 9/16", 5/8" and our favorite - the 11/16" thickness that we use in "Our Best" sauna kits. This thickness is the thickest in the sauna industry .

5. We Supply 3 Types of DIY Sauna Kits -

(1) "The Best" Series Sauna Kits -
have our best quality and includes all of our 24 upgrades. It is our most popular DIY sauna kit. Up to 44 parts are included. >>>... Learn More - "Our Best" DIY Sauna Kit.

(2) Our "Deluxe-PLUS" Series Sauna Kits -
have a lower base price which may suit a sauna builder on a tighter budget. Upgrades and options can be added "a la carte" so you can pick the upgrades that bring value to the project. Up to 38 parts are included. >>>... Learn More - "Deluxe-PLUS" DIY Sauna Kit.

(3) Our "Standard" Series Sauna Kits -
have the most economical price for tight budgets. There are less options, less sizes - you select the upgrades that bring value to the project. Up to 35 parts are included. >>>... Learn More - "Standard" DIY Sauna Kit.

Optional Upgrades are Available in our "Deluxe-PLUS" Sauna Kit

You choose the options and upgrades that you want. Being able to customize the options is important to our customers. This explanation of the options available in our "Deluxe-PLUS" Sauna Kit illustrates the value in this kit. You can plan your own "Deluxe-PLUS" Sauna Kit and add the options to upgrade that sauna kit as needed.
  • Sauna Heater Upgraded - you have been upgraded to a 100% stainless steel heater.
  • Sauna Controls - You have been upgraded to the best control, the #1 DEC Digital Control . It is our most popular control. The DEC control is very accurate and operates with a silent non-ticking timer.
  • Cedar T&G Thickness Upgrade - premium select clear grade, full-length cedar T&G boards are shipped for the inside of the sauna room. The T&G boards are supplied in a standard thickness of 9/16". We recommend upgrading to the thickest possible (11/16"). The thicker boards are more stable, provide extra insulation and are easier to install as the tongue and groove edges are much stronger. Optional - $159.
  • Benches Design - two-tier benches along the longest wall are made of 2x4 for strength. The bench material uses solid 2x4 for strength with screws on the underside to fasten the benches together. These are the standard benches. They are mounted to the walls with hangers or cleats
  • Bench Upgrade - on 5'x7', 5'x8', 6'x6', you can upgrade to a 3rd L-bench. Where room allows. Optional - $140.
  • Bench Upgrade - on 6'x7', 6'x8', etc, you can upgrade to 4 L-benches for maximum seating. With 4 benches, you will be upgraded to our strongest bench frame system to support the benches. Where room allows. Optional.
  • Door - is supplied as our popular #1 Full Window door. Optional doors are available for special needs.
  • Door Frame - has been upgraded from the mahogany jamb set, 4-9/16" wide to 1x6 red cedar width 5.25"
  • Aluminum Foil - the heat-resistant aluminum foil vapor barrier is supplied for each sauna in a 50" width for easier installation.
  • Light Fixture - 1 vapor-proof maritime light fixture is included for surface mounting on the wall or ceiling.
  • Heater Guard - a sturdy heater guard, in a standard model is include.
  • Hardware - we supply 2 louvered vents, galvanized nails and galvanized screws.
  • Extra Boards - you will receive several extra cedar boards to give you spare pieces "just in case".
  • Accessories - the bucket, ladle, thermometer accessory package are optional at $89.
  • Instructions - the best instructions are supplied for your project.
  • BONUS - you will receive our best-seller book, The Art of Sauna Building. Over 65,000 saunas have been built using our book as a guide. Industry experts have acclaimed it as "the best sauna building book ever written!"

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