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In Canada - "Deluxe-PLUS" DIY Sauna Kits - from $2195

Up to $1100 OFF Factory Discounts - Only at the Factory!

Get Bonus $100 OFF - If Ordered Today!

With a made-in-Canada sauna kit, it is easier to build your own sauna when you order our "Deluxe-PLUS" Do It Yourself Cedar Sauna Kit - you get the right materials, the right lengths of cedar and great instructions. Even a first time do-it-yourself sauna builder can build a beautiful home sauna with our "Deluxe-PLUS" home sauna kit.
Our mid-range cedar sauna kit delivers good features and good value - get up to 14 upgrades!

BEST SAUNA KIT - for DIY Sauna Building

"Deluxe-PLUS" DIY
Cedar Sauna Kit After
Construction Is Finished

Photo shows a 5'x6' sauna
with standard benches
on hanger supports
- Kit is Made in Canada

The 5'x7' is very Popular
with 3 Benches
All Sizes are Available


"Deluxe-PLUS" Sauna Kits
should Upgrade to
Bench Support Frames
for Stronger Benches
Photo shows a 7'x8' sauna
with L-shape benches &
bench support frames

Included -
Sauna Building Guide
Instructions for Building a Sauna
Over 65,000 Saunas Built
164 Drawings Helped a Lot!


Up to $1100 Factory Discounts - Order Today
Get Bonus $100 OFF - If Ordered Today!
Mid-range Price - Mid-range Sauna Features!

Call us for a quote - take advantage of our low factory prices!

Features - "Deluxe-PLUS" DIY Sauna Kit ...

  • Our "Deluxe-PLUS" Do It Yourself sauna kit is made of clear grade Western Red Cedar - the ideal sauna wood.
  • Our "Deluxe-PLUS" sauna kit is for the price-conscious sauna builder who wants a great-looking sauna at a reasonable price.
  • The purchase of this sauna kit for DIY installation saves you $2,300 to $2,800 when a contractor is not used.
  • You supply the insulated stud walls - we supply the 38 parts for the inside.
  • Customizing is easy - we have been customizing sauna kits since 1974.
  • Our prices are very low - we are a sauna factory - the oldest in Canada!
Prices $ Canada - Shipped in Canada from our Factory - See Prices Below

Description - "Deluxe-PLUS" Sauna Kit ...

  • All of the wood used in our "Deluxe-PLUS" Do It Yourself Sauna Kit is Western Red Cedar, well-known for its rich colors and its ideal suitability for sauna building.
    ... Learn More - Why Cedar is the Best Wood to Build a Sauna
  • Also called: a pre-cut sauna kit, a sauna material package, a home sauna kit, a DIY sauna kit, sauna liner kit.
  • Tip for Sauna Kit Buyers: The sauna kit price is determined by the thickness/thinness of the cedar for the walls, ceiling and benches.

Up to 14 Upgrades are Included in Canada!!

Included - in the "Deluxe-PLUS" Canadian Sauna Kit ...

  • Because we are a volume sauna factory, we provide extra kiln-drying for the driest possible cedar for saunas. Because of our volume, you benefit from our low sauna factory prices. Our kit includes:
  • Sauna Heater - includes a 90% stainless-steel Standard heater sized for the room.
  • Sauna Controls - includes a #2 OMC Mechanical Control for the outside of the sauna wall
  • Door - includes our most popular sauna door: #1 full window door, - preferred by most.
  • Door Jamb - includes a mahogany jamb 4-9/16" wide with a 2x6 threshold. Includes universal pre-hung hinging for left or right. Shipped K.D. A cedar jamb in 1x6 is optional. See Options below.
  • Tongue-and-Groove - our clear grade, full-length medium-thickness boards (9/16" thick) are kiln dried to 9% moisture content - we ship full-length boards to eliminate all joints!
  • Benches - includes two-tier benches made of 2x4 for strength. The 2x4s are selected for a ultra-smooth furniture-grade finish! L-benches called 3rd and 4th benches are optional.
  • Bench Supports - benches are supported by surface cleats on the walls. The upgrade to the stronger bench frame support sytem is highly recommended. See photo on left ($98 to $147 per set).
  • Aluminum Foil - the heat-resistant vapor barrier is included.
  • Light - one sauna-grade vapor-proof light is included.
  • Hardware - 2 adjustable vents, coated screws, galvanized nails, etc are included.
  • Duckboard Floor - a cedar duckboard floor is optional for the walking part of the floor.
  • Accessories - the bucket, ladle, thermometer are optional.
  • Instructions - the best instructions are supplied for your project. With 65,000 sauna customers since 1974, we know what is needed.
  • The Art of Sauna Building - our best-seller book, The Art of Sauna Building. Over 65,000 saunas have been built using our book as a guide. Now acclaimed as "the best sauna building bible" by industry experts, it is well-illustrated with step-by-step instructions.

  • Get 14 Upgrades Worth Over $400 - are included in the "Deluxe-PLUS" sauna kit.
  • >>... Learn More - Details: 14 Upgrades Available.

Not Included - Supplied Locally ...

  • These parts are best purchased locally:
  • 2x4 for Framing Walls and Ceiling
  • Fiberglass Insulation, 3.5" thick (R12 or R13)
  • Wiring for the heater, controls and light
  • Exterior of the Walls (sheet rock, wallboard, etc.)

Prices - Why our Factory Prices are so Low ...

  • We are a sauna factory - our large volume allows low prices
  • NOTE: Prices are lowered by shipping thinner cedar in a sauna kit
  • Our factory makes 3 series of sauna kits - others don't
  • This "Deluxe-PLUS" Series is the great buy when quality, features at a low price count
  • For our most economical features and cost - see the "Standard" Series Kit
  • For the best features & a perfect sauna kit - see "Our Best" Series Kit
Prices $ Canada - Shipped in Canada from our Factory - See Prices Below

... Read More - Why Cedar is the Best Wood to Build a Sauna
... Read More - Recent Customer Comments!
... Read More - Customer Reviews on Home Saunas Since 1974

"Deluxe-PLUS" D-I-Y Sauna Kit
Price List for ... Canada

Our Mid-range Sauna Kit Series
Mid-range features - Mid-range Price

These are Canadian Prices





Net Price
Pay CAD $


2 Kw


- $800



3 Kw


- $800



4 Kw


- $800



5 Kw


- $800



5 Kw


- $800



6 Kw


- $800



6 Kw


- $800


Call for Quote


5 Kw


- $800



6 Kw


- $800



6 Kw


- $800



6 Kw


- $900





- $900


Call for Quote


6 Kw


- $900



6 Kw


- $900





- $900



9 Kw


- $1000



9 Kw


- $1000



9 Kw


- $1000


Call for Quote


9 Kw


- $1100





- $1100



12 Kw


- $1100


Heater, Controls, Door Included (38 Parts)

"Deluxe-PLUS" Saunas in Canada:
Factory Discount ... -$700 to $1000 OFF
+ BONUS - Order Today... ... -$100 OFF
TOTAL DISCOUNT: ... ... $1100 OFF

Best Prices Ever are in Effect!

Save Today! Up to $1100
Call for a Quote Today!

Canada - Add Packaging if Shipped +$150
Canada - Add Shipping (+$225 - $390)
Canada - Add GST or HST
Canada - Pay by Credit Card in CAD Dollars
Ontario - Our Delivery Available in Our Truck

"Deluxe-PLUS" D-I-Y Sauna Kit
Upgrades & Options for ... Canada

TO ORDER - CALL - 1-800-519-5753
Have Questions? ... Call Now ... 1-800-519-5753
Want to Confirm Pricing? - Call or Email Us Now
Want to Confirm Shipping? - Call or Email Us Now
Read ... Kit Description of 38 Parts & Upgrades

14 Upgrades are Included
>> Read More ... Upgrade Descriptions

1. COUPON: If Sauna Book Customer

3. Incl: Standard Heater - 90% Stainless Steel
4. Incl: Control #1 DEC Digital Control
5. Incl: Door #1 Full Window - Most Popular
6. Incl: 1x4 Tongue/Groove Thin 9/16" Thickness
7. Option: 1x4 Tongue/Groove 11/16" Thickness

8. Add Packaging: Boxing & Skidding if Shipping
9. Add Shipping - Call for Price - or Pick-Up
$ Call
10. Incl: Furniture Grade Quality Bench 2x4s
11. Option: Mahogany Door Jamb Chng to Red Cedar
12. Option: Bench Frame Supports for Strength
13. Option: 1 L-bench on 5', 6' Wall
14. Option: 1 L-bench on 7', 8' Wall
15. Option: 2-L-benches on 5', 6' Wall
16. Option: 2-L-benches on 7', 8' Wall
17. Option: Bucket, Ladle, Thermometer Acc'y
18. Option: Duckboard Flooring, Removable
19. Alternative: Other Sauna Doors
20. Alternative: Other Sauna Heaters
21. Alternative: Other Heater Controls
22. Alternative: Lower Price "Standard" DIY Kit
23. >> Read More: Description of 14 Upgrades
24. >> See More: Other Floor Plans & Layouts

Technical Info:
... All Saunas have 2 Benches
... L-benches are Optional
... Sizes are Inside Frame-to-Frame
... Door is Normally on Longest Wall
... Door on Short Wall - May Cost More
... For Sizes Not Shown - Just Ask
... Delivery is Curbside

See also "The Best" Series of Sauna Kits ...
"The Best" Series kits provide more choice of kit sizes, fully loaded with all the options and then some ...
our best quality, best value and most popular.
Click for "The Best" Sauna Kits.

Do you need a lower price?
Click for Our "Standard" Series of Sauna Kits

14 Upgrades are Included - in our Mid-range "Deluxe-PLUS" DIY Sauna Kit

  • 14 Popular Upgrades - Are part of this quality DIY sauna kit at a mid-range price.
  • Lower Prices - You get a lower price when you chose the options that give you value.
  • Instructions - The best-seller book, The Art of Sauna Building - is included in the plans.
  • Pricing Tip - The price of the kit is affected by the thickness of the cedar for the walls, benches, etc.
  1. 84" Inside Height - upgraded to 84" height.
  2. Sauna Heater - upgraded to 90% stainless steel heater.
  3. Control - upgraded to the popular #2 OMC Mechanical Control.
  4. Junction Box for the Control - included with the control
  5. Door Frame - is included in mahogany 1x5 (4-9/16" wide). Red cedar 1x6 jamb is optional at $89.
  6. Door Handles - upgraded from standard 11" handles to stylish 23" crossbar style with #1 door.
  7. Door Casing - upgraded to stylish colonial style (1 casing set for the inside).
  8. T&G Boards- upgraded to mid-thick 9/16" - all full length cedar boards. (Thickest 11/16" add $129).
  9. Benches - bench tops upgraded from 1x4 bench tops to 2x4 bench tops for stronger benches.
  10. Bench Frame Supports - optional for strongest benches - highly recommended ($98 to $147)
  11. Light - includes 1 light - choice of white or black (white is standard).
  12. Vents - includes 2 vents with adjustable damper (not just 1)
  13. Corner Trim - included for wall and ceiling corners.
  14. Spare T&G Boards - several extra T&G boards are provided - just in case

Optional to Consider

  1. Accessories - optional - bucket, ladle, thermometer ($89)
  2. Duckboard Floor - optional - on open walking part of the floor (usually on ceramic tile)

Choose from 3 Sauna Control Options ...

#1 DEC Digital Electronic Control - a popular sauna control.
#2 OMC Outside Mechanical Control - mechanical timer has a slight "ticking" sound
#3 BIC Built-in Sauna Control - mounted on the bottom of the heater, same as control #2
#1 DEC Control
Digital Electronic Control
Very Accurate
Optional $89

#2 OMC Control
Mechanical Wall Control
For Outside Wall
No Charge - Included

#3 BIC Control
Built-in Control
Mechanical "Ticks"
+$89 Optional
Sauna Building Guide
Building Instructions
Over 65,000 Saunas Built
164 Drawings Helped a Lot!

Sauna Kit Cost (Deluxe-PLUS) ...

  • Sauna Kit Prices - The Canadian sauna kit prices shown in CAD include all the sauna parts and the sauna heater as described above. Packaging and crating are extra when/if needed.
  • Shipping Charges - Are extra. Our Canadian shipping charges are very reasonable because of our volume. Just email us your postal code or zip code for a shipping quote to your door.
  • Taxes in Canada Apply - HST or GST is charged on all sauna shipments to Canadian destinations. Payable in CAD Dollars.
  • Canada Sauna Customers subject to HST - HST is charged on sauna kits in Canada, sauna kits in Halifax Nova Scotia, sauna kits in St John New Brunswick, sauna kits in PEI and sauna kits in St John's Newfoundland .
  • Canada Sauna Customers subject to GST - GST is charged on sauna kits in Canada, sauna kits in Vancouver British Columbia, sauna kits in Calgary Edmonton Alberta, sauna kits in Regina Saskatoon Saskatchewan , sauna kits in Winnipeg Manitoba and saunas in QC Montreal Quebec.
  • Ontario Sauna Customers - With sauna kits in Ontario that are delivered by our trucks, you save the $125 packaging/crating cost and save more with the smaller delivery charge. Add HST to all Ontario sauna sales .

    Learn More - About "Deluxe-PLUS" D-I-Y Sauna Kits in Canada ...

    1. Learn More - our Anatomy of a Sauna Kit explains how the parts in a perfectly engineered sauna kit work.
    2. Checklist of Options - these 14 upgrades are included in "Deluxe-PLUS" D-I-Y sauna kit in Canada at no cost to you.
    3. Why Cedar is the Best Choice in North America - sauna builders in Canada benefit from the Western Red Cedar trees that grow on our West Coast in BC.
      >>... Learn more - How Cedar is the Best Choice for Building Saunas.
    4. Preparing for Your Sauna Kit - here's a handy checklist to help with planning.
    5. Building Details - more information about building your own sauna using a kit.
    6. Rough-in Requirements - there are 6 important aspects to a good rough-in before the "Deluxe-PLUS" sauna kit comes.
    7. Why Buy a Sauna Kit From Us - good reasons why it will pay you to buy a sauna here.

    Just call us. - Or email us. You'll be glad you did!
    Let the pros make this easy for you! ... Call 1-800-519-5753

    To Contact Us - Email Us.

    We ship our saunas throughout Canada: to Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland.

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