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Wood Burning Sauna Stoves for Wood Saunas

CTY Series High-Efficiency Sauna Stoves with Glass Doors:

Our CTY wood burning sauna stove models have high-efficiency features so your wood sauna heats up quickly with only a small amount of wood needed. The CTY sauna stove is perfect for a traditional hot-rock Finnish sauna in the 170F to 210F temperature range. The large 90# rock capacity provides a constant heat level.

$199 Shipping Discount - When Shipped to USA Destinations!

Wood Burning Sauna Stove

    CTY Series with Glass Door Feature ...

  • CTY24i features high-efficiency wood burning
  • Features a fast heat-up time for saunas to 600 cu ft
  • This wood sauna stove has removable ash pan
  • Stove is made from thick steel plate and cast iron parts
  • It's ideal for cottages or areas with no electricity
  • Glass door adds a nice mood to the sauna experience
  • Choice of 2 smoke pipe exit port locations
  • Optional stainless steel water tank is available

For Traditional Wood Sauna Enthusiasts ...

  • Traditional wood burning saunas are very special. The crackling fire, a gentler heat, soft steam and the ritual of tending the sauna heater combine to create an exciting atmosphere where the experience of the traditional Finnish heat sauna with a wood-fired sauna heater becomes the high point of the day.
  • The CTY Series of wood sauna stoves are high-efficiency. They heat up the sauna quickly and burn less wood.
  • The optional 2-gallon water tank is a convenient source of hot water for washing up in areas with no electricity or hot water.
  • Sauna rocks are not shipped with wood burning sauna stoves due to the high cost of shipping. We suggest they be obtained locally.

Large Wood Sauna Rooms:
The larger #6 CTY24i is suited for larger saunas up to 850 cu ft (or 24 cubic meters).

"The Art of Sauna Building " best-seller book must be read before installing a wood sauna heater. There are many details that need to be resolved at the planning stage, so the sauna book is essential reading. Most sauna dealers do not have the experience to be very helpful when you are building a sauna with a wood burning sauna heater.
But Home Saunas Since 1974 does! Just call us at 1-800-519-5753!

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Wood Burning Sauna Stoves - Prices

Wood Stove Models
for 7' to 7.5' High Rooms
Your Net

#5 CTYWS-12 Sauna Stove (#5 Small Size)

Call Us.
- for 12 Cubic Meters (450 cu ft)
- for 6'x6' to 6'x8' max room size

#6 CTYWS-24i Sauna Stove (#6 Large Size)

Call Us.
- for 24 Cubic Meters (850 cu ft)
- for 6'x8' and Larger
- for Rooms 7' to 7.5' High

Options for Wood Sauna Stoves...

Water Tank, Internal - 2 Gal

Glass Door, Included

Rocks 75#

Smoke Pipe Adapter 4.25" to 6" - Needed

Extended Neck for Exterior Feed #6

Crating - to Ship Common Carrier

In USA -- No Sales Taxes
In Canada - Sales Taxes as Applicable (Add HST or GST)


Shipping in Ontario: from $225 to $335.
Shipping in Rest of Canada: from $295 to $375

Shipping to USA East Coast: as low as $260. to $355.
Shipping to USA Mid-west: Approximately $395.
Shipping to USA West Coast: from $360 to $475.
---- Credit for Shipping to USA: Less -$199.

Sauna Wood Stoves - Specifications...

Recommended Sauna Room Height 84" Height is Best
- Sauna Rooms with 7' Height is Best

#5 CTYWS-12 Sauna Stove, No External Tank

18"L x 16.0"W x 24"H
#6 CTYWS-24i Sauna Stove, No External Tank
20"L x 17.0"W x 32"H

- Dimensions Include Built-in Heat Deflector Panels on the sides

Installation Guide is Available for Customers

Stainless Steel Water Tank
Smoke Pipe Connection - 2 Places, for 4.25" Pipe
at Top or at Back
Smoke Pipe Adapter, 4.25" to 6" Pipe
Adapter is Needed
Minimum Clearance to Walls: with 2 Wall Shields
5" Min. w/ 2 Wall Shields
Minimum Clearance to Walls: with 1 Wall Shield
10" Min. w/ 1 Wall Shield
Minimum Clearance to Walls: with 0 Wall Shields
18" Minimum 0 Shields
Built-in High Temperature Heat Deflectors Included on All Sides
Rock Capacity # CTY-24i (Rocks Extra) 100# (Stove CTY-24i)
Rock Capacity # CTY-12 (Rocks Extra) 45# (Stove CTY-12)
Shipping Weight with No Rocks 150# CTY-24i Stove

130# CTY-12 Stove

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Why Buy a Sauna Stove From Home Saunas Since 1974?
1. As a sauna industry pioneer since 1974, our trained sauna experts can give you lots of support & advice as needed. We've been there - done that - and happy to share our wood sauna stove experiences with you!
2. You can buy your wood sauna stove HERE at discount prices because of our volume sauna business.
3. The alternative sauna stove is our energy efficient electric sauna stove that is easy to install to 240-volt power.
4. While some people consider installing a gas sauna stove, it will cost about $2,000 more to install. While gas is more energy efficient than electric, the savings will never be cost-effective to repay the additional
installation expense.

A sauna heater or wood sauna stove is also referred to as sauna wood stoves, a wood burning sauna heater or wood sauna heater, wood sauna equipment. A wood fired sauna heater is ideal for dry saunas, wet saunas, home saunas, hot saunas, Finnish saunas, cottage saunas and Russian banya saunas. Wood burning sauna stoves let you throw as much water onto the hot sauna rocks as you wish. Woodburning is sometimes substituted for the spelling of wood burning.

The factory-outlet sauna store at Home Saunas Since 1974 has the best selection of 75 electric sauna heaters and wood-burning stoves at guaranteed best prices. Over 65,000 saunas sold to date.

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