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Sauna Heaters - Standard Series

Our Standard Series of sauna heaters offers the lowest prices on sauna heaters that are UL and CSA approved, fast warm-up times and good heater features. Our best price policy confirms that you will get a quality heater at the lowest possible price from our sauna factory-store. Our sauna heaters are ideal for dry saunas, wet saunas, home saunas and Finnish saunas.
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Standard Series
Sauna Heaters
Include Rocks

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Features - Standard Series Sauna Heaters ...

  • Fast sauna room warm-up - 20 to 30 minutes**
  • Water can be poured on to the rocks - it's OK
  • Can be installed in a corner or flat on a wall
  • Galvanized steel rock tray, stainless steel body
  • Choice of 8 sizes: 2 Kw to 10.5 Kw
  • Choice of 3 Styles of Controls
  • Includes igneous granite rocks
  • Has 2 Year Limited Warranty from Saunacore
  • Guaranteed lowest price! - 110% Price Guarantee

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Use of Water on the Hot Sauna Rocks ...

Every Saunacore electric sauna heater can be used safely with water thrown on to the hot rocks to increase the humidity so the air is not too dry. There is no harm done to the elements in home use. Or you can run the equipment as a dry sauna heater with no water used.

#2 OWC - OUTSIDE WALL CONTROL - THE OLDER STYLE MECHANICAL CONTROL - for All Sauna Heaters - Has Ticking Timer, 8' Capillary to Sensor - For Installation Outside the Sauna Room at Convenient Eying Level

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