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Sauna Plans - Sauna Design

Since 1974, Our Sauna Plans have made Sauna Building Easy!
Every Sauna Design from "The Art of Sauna Building" is Highly-acclaimed!

Our sauna building plans will mean your sauna building project will be a great success. Over 65,000 sauna customers have benefited from our sauna plans and designs since 1974. We use our vast experience make your home sauna design and sauna plans move along much easier. Our Sauna-Guru's sauna design experts will create a perfect home sauna plan for you.

The designers at Home Sauna Kits Since 1974 will provide the specifications for a sauna room design for various sauna sizes, sauna layouts as well as providing construction plans. Great sauna building was meant to be easy!


The best-seller sauna building book, "The Art of Sauna Building" was written by the acclaimed sauna industry founder, Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa. It is essential reading for sauna plans, sauna design ideas, sauna building plans, specifications, etc. Our sauna book shows you the essentials of sauna design with indoor sauna drawings, layouts, blueprints and outdoor sauna plans. With 164 drawings, there are sauna specifications, sauna material lists and indoor sauna plans to guide you. You can purchase the sauna book from this site or wait to get it with your sauna kit.

Remember, every great sauna has an authentic Finnish sauna design that starts at Home Sauna Kits Since 1974. Pertti has thousands of great sauna designs. As a result, we will turn your sauna plans into a successful and fun project!

1. Sauna Plans - Indoor ...

Building an indoor sauna will let you use the sauna 12 months of the year. Ideally, your sauna design should allow for a cooling down or rest area, a shower beside the stove room and a dressing room to hang up your clothes or house coat. A home sauna is often built into the basement, a cold fruit cellar, a converted car garage, a spare room or as part of a bathroom. The sauna heater and the controls will need a new 240 volt circuit hard wired from the electric service panel.

2. Sauna Design & Indoor Sauna Size ...

Sauna sizes vary from a 3'x4' closet size sauna room for one person, to larger 8'x10' sauna room sizes for home, family or residential sauna use. A commercial sauna room can range from a 6'x6' size to one as large as a 10'x14' size.
Two popular home or residential sauna sizes are the 5'x7' and 6'x7'. The 4 person top bench is 7' long and easily seats four persons and is long enough for one person to lay down. These home and residential saunas are generally rated as 3 person, 4 person or 5 person saunas.
The sauna sizes of 5 x 6, 5 x 8, and 6 x 8 are also popular for home saunas and often have a third bench in an L-bench design.

Small size sauna rooms have a tendency to feel even smaller at higher temperatures adding to claustrophobic feelings for some persons. The best sauna height is 7' high on the inside with a 2-level bench layout. The 7' sauna ceiling height reduces the heater warm-up time to a minimum and prevents heat from rising into the unused space above the sauna room. If the sauna height is less than 80", lower the entire sauna bench set a few inches to compensate.

Prebuilt Modular 4'x4' Sauna Room From Factory
Prebuilt 4'x4' Sauna Room

Pre-fab 5'x6' Sauna Room From Factory
Prefab 5'x6' Log Sauna Room

Prebuilt Modular 6'x6' Sauna Room From Factory
Modular 6'x6' Prebuilt Sauna Room Includes a Sauna Plan for Assembly
Perfect Sauna Building Plan
for a 5'x7' Home Sauna Design
- Also Used as an Outdoor Sauna Design

For commercial saunas, the sauna room sizes of 6 x 8, 6 x 10, 8 x 8 and 8 x 10 are very popular as they can seat as many as seven to ten persons at a time. Commercial sauna rooms with an 8' ceiling height sometimes use a 3-level bench layout in order to gain the maximum seating possible.
A 2-level set of benches with a sauna height of 96" is simply poor planning and will be expensive to heat. Most home and residential sauna designs have a regular shape and size, being square or rectangular, to maximize the sauna bench sizes. Odd shape saunas may suffer from poor heat distribution as the natural air movement in the sauna room has been altered. Octagonal and unique size saunas can be novel as long as the sauna design objectives are followed. Irregular shape sauna designs will cost 10 to 15% more.


Ideally, the inside dimensions of the home made custom sauna room should be in multiples of 12". This will allow you to use the full length of the T&G cedar boards that should be installed horizontally to make the sauna room look and feel bigger. If you plan to lay down on the top bench, the bench length should be a minimum of 6' with a 20" width. Sauna sizes like the 4'x6' and 4'x7' usually have benches that, at 16" wide, are too narrow to lay down comfortably. Conclusion: a sauna room, like the 5'x7', is ideal and should be framed to create a 60" x 84" space between the wall studs.

Read More >>> ... Section 9 - Outdoor Sauna Plans & Design.


3. Sauna Design - Specifications ...

Your sauna plan, sauna ideas, drawing or sauna blue print will be used to create a full set of sauna specifications for you. Many of our customers email their sauna drawings to us so we can get started on your sauna. A sauna material list will then be included with the sauna blueprint for a complete sauna room design from Home Sauna Kits Since 1974.

Sauna Design: Side Profile of a Typical Sauna Design Layout
Side Profile of
A Typical
Sauna Design
- Sauna Benches
The design and size of the sauna room will depend on:
1. the number of persons using it at one time
2. bench layout, 2 benches, 3 benches or 4?
3. benches to be regular 2-tier or L-shape?
4. sauna door location
5. the heater or stove location, its size and specifications

5'x3' Sauna Design Plan
4'x3' Sauna
Design Plan

44 Sauna Design
44"x72" Sauna Design Plan

4. Sauna Design - Door Location ...

If the standard 24"x72" sauna door is located on the longest wall in front of the benches, it should be slightly off-centre (by 12") to allow room for the stove on one side of the door. The standard rough opening for a sauna door and door frame varies from 26"x73" to 26"x78" depending on the sauna kit.

If the sauna door is located on the same wall as the ends of the benches (see the 5'x5' sauna plan below on the left), allow 3' of room (or more) beside the door in order to accommodate the ends of two normal width benches. If space is tight, the normal 24" width of the door can be reduced to 21" at Home Sauna Kits Since 1974.

A home or house sauna can be installed in a utility room, a fruit cellar, an old pantry, a sun room or wherever space is not fully used. Often overlooked is the available space in the attic or a spot on the end of the garage or carport. Many home and family sauna rooms are installed in the basement where space is usually available. The existing floor and any walls that are already studded can be used as is. Read More >>... Sauna Floor Plans and Layouts

5. Sauna Plans - Heater Location & Specs ...

The sauna heater is usually installed in a corner of the sauna room so it uses only a small area of the corner. If the heater is mounted across the corner, the construction of the heater guard becomes complicated as the heater guard will need to be built 3-sided to match the perimeter and outside shape of the heater. The easiest way to install the heater and the heater guard is to mount the heater on only one of the sauna walls so the heater guard can be a simple 2-sided rectangular design. CLICK for sauna power specs.

More sauna stove specs will be added to this section shortly. Just email us your sauna planning questions in the meantime. Read More >> ... Sauna Stove Specifications & More Info.

6. Sauna Design Plans - Bench Specifications ...

Sauna benches should be 20" wide for the top bench so it is not only comfortable to sit on but to be wide enough so you can lay down comfortably. The bottom bench is normally a little narrower, about 16-17" wide. More specs will be added to this section shortly. In the meantime, the section on "How to Build a Sauna" provides excellent detail on sauna bench designs, plans and building.
The Sauna Book, The Art of Sauna Building, has complete drawings on sauna bench construction.
Read More on Sauna Benches>> ... Sauna Bench Specifications.

7. Sauna Plans - Frequency of Sauna Use ...

A residential or home made sauna is generally used two or three times weekly by the entire family and is switched on and off as required. With a typical warmup time of 20 to 30 minutes, the family sauna is ready quickly. If time is available to use it every day, feel free to do so. Many sauna enthusiasts average 5 saunas per week. It is up to each individual whether you prefer to start the day with a cleansing sauna or use the family sauna in the evening to relax and clean up after the day is done.

A commercial sauna often found in fitness clubs may be switched on in the morning and off again at night, usually by an automatic sauna timer. Once a sauna is up to temperature, it takes little power to maintain the temperature during the day.

8. Sauna Plans - Use of Water in the Sauna ...

With today's trend toward the Finnish type of high heat dry sauna, a separate water tap inside the sauna is NOT REQUIRED. Furthermore, the electrical code now prohibits a water tap directly above the heater. A bucket and ladle are ideal to apply the small amounts of water onto the hot rocks to create a comfortable level of humidity.
While some prefer the completely dry Finnish sauna with no water added to the hot rocks at all, most people enjoy creating some "steam" to bring the humidity to a more comfortable level. Some people with certain types of breathing problems find that the moist air in the "steam-bath" is quite beneficial to them.

Although most electric sauna heaters are designed for wet or dry use, every commercial sauna will discourage the use of water in order to lengthen the life of the electric heating elements.
These sauna plans and layouts can also be used as "banya plans" to build a Russian sauna or Russian banya. The "banya" or "bania" is normally used at a very high temperature with high humidity. The Russian banya design and construction is quite similar to the Finnish sauna.

9. NEW Outdoor Sauna - Plans and Design ...

As outdoor saunas are custom-built to suit many different situations, our recommendation is that you have a chat with our sauna-guru first to get a good grip on your needs, the size of the sauna building and the many considerations that are custom planned. Send an email to the Sauna-Guru now.
More specs will be added to this section shortly. In the meantime, the section on How to Build a Sauna provides excellent detail on outdoor sauna designs, plans and building.

Information on outdoor plans, designs and sizes is currently available on a case-by-case basis by the Sauna-Guru.
Just email us your sauna ideas and we'll work with you to create a great plan

10. INDEX - Sauna Design and Plans Terminology:

Sauna Drawings - Sauna Layouts, Sauna Bench Sizes
Sauna Design - More Sauna Room Layouts, Sauna Sizes
Sauna Construction Specs - Sauna Building Plans 2
Sauna Heater & Stove Models - See 75 Models
Sauna Heater & Stove Specifications - Wiring
Sauna Design Ideas - Use Our Sauna Plans & Ideas 2
Outdoor Sauna Plans - New Info & Specs Available Soon
Sauna Building Plans - New Info & Specs Available Soon
Sauna Material Package - Complete Package of Sauna Parts

Planning Ideas for Unique Situations...

Lack the room for a sauna shower? One idea that works fine is to locate the sauna shower inside the 6'x7' or 6'x8' sauna room. Use the shower after the sauna is finished. You will also need to apply a coat of our famed anti-stain preserver to your wood parts in order to protect the wood from water marks.
Other Ideas...

We welcome your ideas and questions so we can post them here. More to come...
The information we provide on sauna plans and sauna designs is very useful for someone re-building an existing sauna or building a brand-new custom home sauna.

We are proud that some years ago - we wrote the book on sauna building! ...

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Home Sauna Kits Since 1974 has FREE sauna plans and sauna designs to show you how to design, plan and build a great sauna. The BEST sauna designs, plans & blueprints from the best-seller book, The Art of Sauna Building are available from this website.

Home Sauna Kits Since 1974 has FREE sauna plans
and sauna designs to show you how to design, plan and build a great sauna.
The BEST sauna designs, plans & blueprints from the best-seller book,
"The Art of Sauna Building" are available from this site.

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