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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Sauna Solution for Bed Bugs - Since 1974

Bed bugs can be eradicated with a simple sauna treatment. This is the cheapest answer you will find.

I am the building manager in an apartment. We are investigating using a heater to kill bed bugs, we need to plug into a stove outlet 40amp 240v and heat individual rooms to 130 degrees. I was thinking of modified construction heaters but a fan driven sauna heater may be better for our application.
Murray Freeman, Building Manager.
Hi Murray,
Thanks for your email.
This is Bert, the Sauna-Guru. You have the right guy here today as I have been in the sauna business for 40 years. I have encountered this request before. Sauna heaters will work just fine for you.
I have sold many sauna heaters just for the purpose of getting rid of bed bugs. Sauna heaters are designed to take the sauna room temperature up to 200 degrees F (90 C) in 30 minutes. The temperature in any room that you are treating for bed bugs will never reach 200 F as your treatment room is not insulated. However, being able to reach a suitable hot temperature in a short period of time will make the sauna heater work very effectively for you.
I realize that bed bugs will die at a temperature of 130 F degrees. But being able to overshoot that temperature simplifies and speeds up the process.
Sauna heaters can be wired to plug into a 240 volt stove receptacle for easy use. You do not need to use a thermostat control for this application. Sauna heaters do not have built-in fans as that is not desirable in a sauna room. In your case, you can simply use a big box fan to facilitate the beg bug riddance process.
A 9 Kw sauna heater can be purchased without a control for under $700. A 6 Kw heater is $556. Either size of heater will do the job!

By the way, the cost of the electricity for a 2 hour session-treatment is $1.40 ... this works!!
Call me anytime. I can help you. I am in Waterloo, Ontario.
Warm Regards,

Bert Jalasjaa,

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

There is a lot of information on the internet - using chemicals and expensive exterminators. It is amazing that they do not realize what a simple solution there is in using a sauna heater to create a very hostile environment for bed bugs. In a residential application, once the bed bugs are gone, you can enjoy the additional benefits of having your own sauna - for your continuing health.

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